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Holistic Health Blog | Anti-aging and Weight Loss Solutions
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Holistic Health Blog | Anti-aging and Weight Loss Solutions

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The Surprising Missing Pieces behind the Dry Eyes

Are you suffering from dry eyes for a long period of time? Do you know that there is an interesting link between the dry eyes and hormone imbalance? Eyes are the window of the soul. Many people overlook the care for their eyes until they suffer from the irritation, dryness or the pain from their […]

April 4, 2016 by: Lucy Liu 5 comments
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How to Become a Manifest Magnet?

Believe it or not, we constantly manifest our reality consciously or unconsciously. Most people are not aware that they attract what they don’t want unconsciously. Scientist discovered that the thought is the powerful battery force ever found, with the speed at 183, 000 miles per second. Would you be able to imagine this speed? Positive […]

March 1, 2016 by: Lucy Liu 2 comments
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How to Identify the Best Ginseng to Benefit Your Health

Since I was a small child, I was fascinated by the stories about ginseng, because ginseng has a shape that is similar to a human body. It was described as different lovely fairies in Chinese fictions. Some of the stories were so intriguing that I had dreams about meeting those fairies from ginseng as a […]

February 4, 2016 by: Lucy Liu 0 comments
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5 Secrets To Boost Your Manifestation Engine With Affirmations

Your browser does not support the video tag. Imagine how it feels like to be able to see your dreams being manifested right in front of your eyes in the New Year. Is it possible? absolutely! Miracles happen all the time. Here is my story. Quite a few years ago, I was attending an important […]

December 25, 2015 by: Lucy Liu 3 comments
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7 Simple Tips To Instantly Boost Your Confidence

Have you ever heard about the sentence “That person has MOJO!” What does MOJO really mean? To me, it is about confidence. Confidence generates a non-physical aura that instantly draws attention from others and gains trust from others about your talent, abilities, and personal strength. Have you ever thought that one of the root causes […]

November 25, 2015 by: Lucy Liu 1 comment
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A Powerful Ancient Healing Weapon – Papaya

Origin of Papaya Papaya is a delectable tropical fruit with a mouthwatering flavor and rich taste, аlѕо known аѕ papaws. Pарауа is dеliсiоuѕlу ѕwееt with a ѕоft and butter-like соnѕiѕtеnсу. It is no wonder the рарауа wаѕ rерutаblу саllеd the “Fruit of the Angеlѕ. ” History reveals that papaya was the favorite fruit of Christopher […]

October 5, 2015 by: Lucy Liu 2 comments
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9 Fun Ways to Boost Your Happiness and Increase Your Passion

Your happiness is increased by your passion. Gabriel Garcia once said, “No medicine cures what happiness cannot.” Passion, on the other hand, is the fuel for happiness and the source of our finest moments. Passion intensifies your life experience of any moment and inspires you to fight for your happiness. Passion also encourages you to […]

August 13, 2015 by: Lucy Liu 0 comments
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Top 5 Detox Herbs that Make You Lighter and Cleaner

Detox diets have been so popular on the market lately. They have grabbed the attention from readers of the most popular health magazines and websites. However, not everyone can follow a very restrictive detox diet plan, including me. I use some specific herbs to help detoxify my body and keep me light and healthy. Because […]

July 2, 2015 by: Lucy Liu 3 comments
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How Detoxification Can Boost Your Weight Loss?

Are you suffering from chronic constipation or skin breakouts? Do you ever wonder why almost everyone is talking about detox diets and cleansing supplements? How can detoxification help for weight loss? Detoxification diets, more commonly known as detox diets, are designed to remove harmful toxins from the body by following a strict diet for a […]

May 20, 2015 by: Lucy Liu 0 comments
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Rhubarb – A Wonder Food for Weight Loss and More

Rhubarb season is coming! Have you ever tried homemade rhubarb sauces? They are so tasty and healthy. You could spread them on toast or use them as chicken or turkey stuffing. One of my favorite rhubarb sauces is rhubarb strawberry sauce, and I top it on my yogurt, yummy! Rhubarb is an easy-to-grow vegetable. This […]

March 26, 2015 by: Lucy Liu 2 comments
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